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Coinxwire is a leading crypto news and media website, started in 2022, that bridges the gap between crypto readers and crypto enthusiasts by providing news on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, decoding crypto-related terms and developing fintech trends. Coinxwire is the top independent digital media source for various financial and crypto-related information covering DeFi, Metaverse, NFT, Investment portfolio and current news analysis about things like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.



What We Do



Our team provides the most precise and recent news about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology from both the centralised and decentralised sectors each day. Whether our readers are blockchain-savvy investors, developers, or business owners or are new to the space, our goal is to inform and enlighten them with high-quality stories that adhere to our strict editorial and journalistic standards and cover both the highs and lows of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.



Our Values



Our editorial content is driven by our passion for providing fair news, in-depth analysis, thorough cryptocurrency price charts, incisive opinion pieces, and regular reports on the social transformation that digital currencies bring. We aim to make sure that the news and topics we cover are interesting to our audience. We aim to make sure that the articles we post engage and benefit our readers.



The Coinxwire team strives to provide reliable, unbiased, and thoroughly researched news stories to news consumers globally. They are guided by the ideals of “Honesty and Transparency.” Our professional ethics direct us to keep a firm attitude to all events and verify each fact using a variety of sources.



Evolving Forever



We always aim to grow and improve our services and satisfy the needs of our clients by effectively delivering original and reliable information about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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